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What does ESPN stand for you ask..

From: gridironmike Entered: 7/7/2004 6:05:56 PM
Subject: ESPN acronym

I found some interesting text regarding the acronym ESPN. I always knew it stood for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. Even though that is what is officially "stood for," here is an excerpt from ESPN founder Bill Rassmussen's book:

Avon, Connecticut – Saturday, June 17, 1978. Meeting at Scott’s condo in Avon, Ed, Scott and I continued the growing excitement of the week’s phone calls between us and our own individual thoughts on the possibilities before us.

Specifically, we decided we had to come up with a company name. We concluded that we needed the words “sports” and “network” in the name, but beyond that we were stymied. Connecticut sports teams simply didn’t have enough scheduled games to televise even one sporting event every day so we needed to be creative.

Scott recalls how we finally settled on the name:

“My father always liked hokey things, and he liked the double meaning of the letters ESP. Besides, Ed and I couldn’t come up with anything better.

Seriously, we did kind of like the way the network initials looked, and we agreed that, no matter what we did in the future, it would certainly fall under the entertainment and sports umbrella, so we had our new network name – the E. S. P. Network.”

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