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Bo Van Pelt

From: Iceburgh Entered: 6/17/2004 8:22:30 PM
Subject: Relation?

Was watching the U.S. Open and was surprised to see the name of "Bo Van Pelt", and looking at his picture, he bears a striking resemblance to SC anchor Scott Van Pelt. Given Scott's history with golf, I thought there might be a relation between the two?

From: Holly Van Pelt Entered: 9/13/2004 1:14:47 AM
Subject: Scott Van Pelt

I would like to know if Scott Van Pelt is related to my husband. He looks like his uncles. My husband is John and his father's name is Arthur. His grandfather was also Arthur. Some of his uncles names were Vernal, Carl and Bud is still living in Bryan, Ohio. His Aunt Edith lives in Point Place, Ohio.

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