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Neil Everett

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From: Sammy Entered: 3/26/2004 7:24:13 AM
Subject: Neil Everett

Is Neil Everett starting to annoy anyone or is it just me?

From: Dawn Entered: 4/26/2004 8:55:23 PM
Subject: Neil Everett

Neil Everett is not annoying. I mean not to me anyway. He is so sexy.

From: Larry Entered: 5/28/2004 10:23:23 AM
Subject: neil everett


From: Dawn Entered: 6/8/2004 2:09:42 PM
Subject: Neil Everett

Neil puts you to sleep? Sorry about that. I just think he is so sexy.


From: NAC Entered: 6/14/2004 7:25:00 PM
Subject: Neil Everett

I think he's great ...and I agree with Dawn--sexy, too.

From: money marv Entered: 6/17/2004 1:43:07 AM
Subject: neil da man!

It's funny to see folks feelings about Neil! I think his humor and wit are great! I don't know about the sexy ladies, I actually think his look is amusing an enhances his appeal.

From: Dawn Entered: 6/17/2004 2:00:14 PM
Subject: Neil Everett

How great to hear from fellow Neil fans!!

From: J-Team Painting Entered: 6/17/2004 10:46:11 PM
Subject: Neil

Shout out to our boy Neil from us as J-Team Painting. Neil is awsome. Simply awsome...and we stained his deck. Much love from us at J-Team.

From: marcoscutero Entered: 6/26/2004 6:37:49 PM
Subject: neil everett

wang dang doodle! i hated neil everett till he said that, now its what i wanna name my racehorse

From: Dawn Entered: 6/30/2004 4:55:43 PM
Subject: Neil Everett

Is he married?

From: Shaheed Morris Entered: 7/26/2004 11:51:50 PM
Subject: Stan Verrett

I think Stan Verrett of ESPNews is awsome and very underatted? he oftens appear on Sport Center usally on Fridays with Neil Everrett.

From: Dawn Entered: 7/29/2004 1:31:21 PM
Subject: Neil Everett

Stan is good. When I was living in Virginia he used to be the sports anchor on WAVYTV. Our local NBC affiliate. Glad to see him move up.

From: Anonymous Entered: 8/28/2004 7:42:19 PM
Subject: Neil Everett

I think Neil has a great radio voice. They ought to put him on ESPN Radio (if he's not already).

From: Anonymous Entered: 10/18/2004 4:22:07 AM
Subject: Neil Everett

Neil Everett is pretty halarious...wish I knew when he would be on. I was just searching to see when he was scheduled to be on but couldn't find any such listings. One day he's on, next day he's not. There's a couple other's out there that I like but Neil's got that calm-before-the-storm intro and then gets all loud and reckless. That style is kind of like Berman who made SC famous. But Boom is the loudest of them all, he's the extreme...ha!

From: PJ Entered: 2/14/2005 3:42:05 PM
Subject: Sexy???

Dawn...I agree with you....he is sexy:) I loved him when he was on the local news here and whenever I can watch espn...I still enjoy him.

One thing though.....he is restricting himself a little. You should have seen the news when he was was amazing now, which I hate to admit, he is being a little bit conservative but still like him very much...

From: Stacy Entered: 2/14/2005 11:57:07 PM
Subject: Scott is sexy too

I like Neil too but Scott Van Pelt is still so sexy too me. His personality is what makes him sexy as all get out.

He has the type of personality that kinda reminds me of a little crazier verison of Craig Kilburn. I miss Craiggers.

From: Tuan Entered: 6/14/2005 3:41:25 AM
Subject: Neil Everett

I was watching the Rangers vs. Braves rebroadcast tonight and guess who said Rangers used 21 pitchers this year. This is extremely incorrect b/c they have only used 6 all yr, he was referring to the Texas team last yr. Maybe he should get his damn fact straight before reporting.

From: Johny Entered: 11/1/2005 7:22:26 PM
Subject: Neil

Someone needs to tell Neil that its not necesarry to RAISE YOUR VOICE AT RANDOM TIMES. That guy needs to chill out

From: charles a Entered: 3/3/2006 2:35:37 AM
Subject: neil everett

neil throws references out there no one else can, he is sick

From: nancy alexandra C. Entered: 11/28/2006 12:02:25 AM
Subject: neil everett morfitt

My buddy for life ...he helped me get through college & grad school. I admire him & wish him all the best in his career ...I have known him for sooooooooooo long & he is great at what he does--I always knew that he would be where he is at!!! Neil has EVERYTHING it takes to be at the top of his career!!!! I'm so happy for him!!! Awesome work & know that Hawaii will always back you up!!!
Aloha for now,

From: Mary Anne Entered: 7/29/2007 8:25:04 AM
Subject: Neil Everett

Neil Everett is the kind of guy I would like to sit and have a beer with sometime... His character intigues me!

From: Anonymous Entered: 11/21/2007 12:53:39 AM
Subject: Neil Everett

Neil Everett is so effeminate

From: Bopp Entered: 1/11/2008 4:05:02 AM
Subject: Neil Everett

anyone who doesn't like Neil Everett needs to shut up...RIGHT NOW!!!

From: houdini Entered: 1/21/2008 10:17:32 PM
Subject: Neil Everett

Neil Everett is a dork. Stop talking in a fake forced voice. You are not funny.!!!!!!!!

From: Bob Entered: 1/24/2008 8:36:41 PM
Subject: The Coolest Cat around

This man is the nicest and most giving person you will ever meet! He is all about what is for the greatest good and I've had the good fortune to enjoy his "Way Cool" personality.....

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