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From: David Biederman Entered: 3/12/2004 2:02:55 PM
Subject: Reggie Jackson's views on Steroids and Home Runs

Reggie Jackson was a great hitter, so were Mays, Aaron, Ruth, etc..., but how many hours of work did they put in the weight room? Reggie is talking about players using steroids to jack these bombs. Is it possible that while perfecting an already perfect swing these great hitters of old should have been lifting some weights. Babe Ruth hit 60 in a season on straight natural ability. Add 100 pounds to his bench press and maybe he would've hit 70. The same goes for Aaron, Mays, Jackson and the rest. Give some credit to the work modern players put in the gym. Great hitters plus loads of muscle equal big HR numbers, and believe it or not, you can gain 10 pounds of muscle per year without steroids.

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