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Anyone here???

From: JediPhil Entered: 11/11/2001 11:59:56 PM
Subject: Just wondering how many people visit this site

Anyone else ever visit this site? I think it's a great site and I had a lot of fun reading the catch phrases. Just so you know Chris... there are people out there who visit and appreciate this site.

From: Altar Webmaster Entered: 11/12/2001 8:53:15 AM
Subject: Number of Visitors

According to my web statistics, I get on average 300 sessions a day, although some of those are from web spiders and search engines. That number has been pretty consistent over the last couple years, with occasional large spikes when the site is featured in a newspaper article or magazine.

I'm sure that number would be higher if I was able to make more frequent content updates, but I don't have the kind of time I used to have when I started this site back in college. That's part of the reason I tried to open up some of the content creation to the fans, such as these community discussions and the ability to put in phrase usage entries. I have been working on getting all the SportsCenter commercials listed, but it's a pretty big list these days, so it'll take me a few more sessions.

Thanks for your input. I'm always glad to see that people enjoy the site.

-- Chris, Altar Webmaster

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