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worst pairing ever

From: Anonymous Entered: 1/20/2004 12:35:16 PM
Subject: sports center pairings

I watch sportscenter on a sunday morning and they had robin roberts and bob levy(the out side the lines guy) they were horrible it was just boring
no catch pharses or witty banter just scores and highlights.

From: Anonymous Entered: 2/24/2004 1:08:15 AM
Subject: worst pairing ever

Why is that such a bad thing? Sometimes a nice, mellow SC is just the way to start your day.

From: Dawn Entered: 4/29/2004 8:30:10 PM
Subject: Sportscenter Pairings

That's just the way I like it. No catch phrases or people "Trying" to be funny. Just the highlights and scores.

From: Anonymous Entered: 10/11/2004 8:01:10 PM
Subject: Stuart scott sucks

Anyone w/ staurt scott!

He sucks. I think he is a total joke. He tries to be street. He's as street as Vanilla Ice.

From: Ju$TiN Entered: 10/11/2004 8:39:53 PM
Subject: lol

^^thats funny but somewhat true

From: Van Earl Wright Entered: 5/25/2005 11:00:47 PM
Subject: worst pairing ever

Bill Pidto and Stuart Scott. In the words of Olbermann "Guh"!

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