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October 11,2003 Sportscenter episode"top ten..."

From: Josh Oberdick Entered: 12/18/2003 10:17:12 PM
Subject: October 11,2003 Sportscenter episode "top ten..."

im a high school kicker from ohio, and i know for a fact that i was talked about on one of top ten plays of the week for getting a game winning field goal (3 times) taken away. I know this was the episode that it was on and i have never seen it myself. It would mean alot to me if someone could help me locate it. I am willing to pay generously for it. (ironically oct. 11 is my birthday) Thanks.

From: adam Entered: 10/19/2004 10:57:12 PM
Subject: wow ur on sports center

I play highschool basketball and football for stevenson patriots but i am out for the season i tore like every ligament in my knee acl , mcl, pcl, and meniscus catilage man im screwed up big time i just had reconstruction sept.1st it wentgood u got any advice hey email me screw this thread thing thanks and i might b able to hook u up with that epidode ur on email me at or im me lata amigo

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