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song from the new dan patrick nfl commercial

From: jasyn Entered: 12/1/2003 12:01:32 AM
Subject: ?

im trying to find the name of the song in the commercial for dan patricks new nfl show. if anyone could help me out id appreciate it.

From: Anonymous Entered: 12/21/2003 3:08:22 PM
Subject: Dan Patrick's NFL song

me toooooo!!!!!!!!!

From: nothin Entered: 3/12/2004 9:22:40 PM
Subject: i know that song

Jimi Hendrix-All along the watch tower

From: Anonymous Entered: 3/23/2004 2:23:44 PM
Subject: I know it

Its the song where he feeds a ball into the practice machine promoting his new NFL show right? its a song called dear mr. fantasy perfomed by Traffic also performed sepratly by Jimi Hendrix

From: Chris Entered: 6/12/2004 11:00:14 PM
Subject: Other NFL Commercial Song

Any body know that Classical/opera song from the nfl visa commercial? it sounds like a war theme or maybe something that could fit in to the matrix (but wasn't).

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