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From: MR Entered: 10/31/2003 2:14:55 AM
Subject: Play by Play

Hey I have noticed a lot of interest in that video (and rightly so since it is the greatest video montage I have ever seen).

I was thinking, especially since I don't know many myself, maybe a lot of people don't know who some of the athletes are or what events are portrayed.

So I was thinking we could do a list of each. Basically I wanna do the Athlete (if the video specifically focuses on one), the event (superbowl, penant, olympics, etc), date (at least the year), and possibly the context (example: Jackie Robinson, there is definitely a context that makes it more amazing).

Keep in mind I am pretty young (20) so I do not reckognize the old ones. Also, while I'm a big hockey fan, my knowledge of other sports is limited so please don't make fun of me if I get some of these completely wrong.

I put Black & White for the sake of making it easier to locate the clip.
So here is what I got so far:

(Old school film countdown thing)
Some boxing match
Larry Bird at Indiana State?
First Indy 500?
Jesse Owens?
Very old school football player (Black & White)
Very old school baseball player, of Detroit (Black & White)
Tall basketball player (Black & White)
Stanley Cup, Montreal (Black & White)
Golfer Female? (Black & White)
No idea, Black male in a nice suit (negro leaguer?) (Black & White)
POssibly the first all star game baseball? (Black & White)
Oldschool football player (padded helmet) (Black & White)
Assuming thats Naysmith (Black & White)
Jesse Owens? Has Ohio jesey (Black & White)
Old guy with a beard (Black & White)
Boston Celtics of old celebrating (Black & White)
No idea (Black & White)
Some golfer (Black & White)
Jackie Robinson, first Black baseball player (Black & White)
Guy in a crowd with birth control glasses (Black & White)
Four guys on horses (?) (Black & White)
A swimmer? (Black & White)
I wanna say Dick Buttkiss (but then I always wanna say that) (Black & White)
Tennis player (Black & White)
Boxer Joe Lewis? (Black & White)
Maple Leafs winning the Cup (Black & White)
Golfer (Black & White)
Muhamad Ail (I guess he would have been Cassius Clay then) (Black & White)
Babe Ruth (Black & White)

(This is where the song from the trailer for "Hoffa" ends)

News report of a terrorist hostage situation at the Olympics (70's I think)
Footage of an Earthquake during the World Series in Oakland
A girl crying "Why?" (I would like to know why myself!)
Ali interviewd by (?)Cosell
*sigh* the Superbowl Shuffle
MacEnroe pissed at a foul call (or lack thereof) I believe at Wimbeldon
Lou Gerigh (?) announcing retirement (Black & White)

(AeroSmith's "Dream On" kicks in)

Jordon hits a jumper at the buzzer and does that famous jump thing (the guy falling over is the best part
Steve Izerman scoring off the post (context?)
Hail Mary teams are Michigan and Oregon?
Frazier and Somebody boxing
The Giants win the penant famous more for the commentator (Black & White)
Closeup of a football player in helmet (dont know the name)
Baskettball player I wanna say Boston Celtics
Car racing no idea the driver
Very back in the day Yankees player (Black & White)
John Stockton? (has to be)
A Maryland palyer cutting the net
Jackie Joyner Kersy
Roberto Clemente
Jimmy Valvano (pioneered the fight on cancer)
Pitcher cant read the name
The basketball player who scored 100 points in a game?
The Fridge?
Check from Red Wings player to Avalanch Player
Diver hitting head on board (Olympics?)
Bo Jackson running up wall (probably before he broke his hip)
Barry Sanders vs Bears
Rodriguez (?) Spitting on Umpire
Rodman with the crotch kick
Olympics female running
George Brett called out after a home run because the pine-tar on his bat was too far up the bat
Old basket ball game the steal is apparently important (Black & White)
Larry Bird steals a ball and passes to someone for a basket (I think it won them the game)
Apparently peewee hockey not sure if it is important or just there (Black & White)
Jordan, in college?
Babe Ruth (Black & White)
Ali whoopin ass (Black & White)
Coach in a college game throwing a chair during a technical shot (Bobby Knight?)
A football coach (probably unwisely) punches a player in the throat)
A football coach
A football coach
A Basketball coach
football coach?
Another coach
Scotty Bowman (winningest hockey coach)
That Penn State Football Coach
Another coach in a fadora
Someone making out with stanley
Lance Armstrong, 5 time Tour de France winner
Stefi Graff? Wimbeldon trophy?
Randy Johnson (he once hit a bird with a pitch)
An American olympic runner
Richard Petty, NASCAR driver
Isaha Thomas (I believe he and Jordan didnt get along)
Joe Montana
Ricky Henderson, celebrating stolen base record
Mark Messier? Celebrating Stanley cup
Guy cryihng (at a funeral?)
Someone winning a tennis match
Someone coming home to win a baseball game (almost Black & White)
Tony Hawk spinning about 5 times
College player shooting free throw almost one handed
Tennis PLayer?
A Green Bay Packers Player
Kirby Pucket? (Minnesota Twins)
Dr. J vs the Lakers
Jerry Rice
Barry Bonds
F1 car
American Olympic Runner
Chicago Bears player
A Cubs Player (too old to be Sosa)
A Nuggets player on the floor celebrating
Gordie Howe?
Andre Agasi (long haired version)
Red Sox player misses easy grounder (cost them the World Series)
An old old school boxer (Black & White)
Mario Lemiex (It might be the goal where he broke the single season scoring record, the year after his cancer)
Amazing play, band ran on the field and the other team gets tochdown to win
College BBall guy breaks glass Gerome Lane Apparently
Hockey player checked into glass
Slam dunk Breaks glass
Sosa and McGwire horseplayin
Tennis Player crying
John Elway (winning superbowl?)
Ozzie Smith, sever time gold glove winner, his famous back flip
Guy tears down entire basketball goal
Olympics, skiier misses turn, badly
Football player (Deon Sanders?)
Emmit Smith in the End zone celebrating
Yankees #44 Dont know the name
Montreal Canadiens (Black & White)
Pele? being carried
A slam Dunk
70s-ish football player in snow
OJs bronco jettin from the cops
Tyson with cuffs on
Monica Selles After she was stabbed in the back (literally)
Guy dunks from the free throw line.
Carlton Fisk of the Red Sox waving a home run fair (they lost World Series anyway)
Cant remember the name, but a Dallas Stars player
Washington Red skins player 60s-70s-ish
Phillies player
BBall player throws ball into stands
Olympic runner (Michael Johnson?) Apparently 1996 Olympics
WNBA player?
Very old baseball guy catches flyball (Black & White)
Football player dives into endzone (Black & White)
Swimmer (Mark something?)
Canadiense with the Cup
Steelers player 60s-ish
Jordan windmill dunk
Jordan shrugs
Jordan most famous play reverse layup
Windmill duck again (this time at slam dunk contest I think)
Nolan Ryan (career Strike out leader?)
Steeler receiver
Kerri Strugg? (Became a media darling for a while. May have been first wheaties cover athlete)
The Michagan. Greatest Hockey goal ever (also on Kazaa seperately)
Kareem Abdul Jabbar? I dunno
Babe Ruth winking (Black & White)
Babe Ruth with a kid??? (Black & White)
Ruth again (Black & White)
And again (Black & White)
A Duke player dunking (almost didnt reach)
Dunk from almost free throw line
Michigan BBall vs UNC calls timeout (wasnt that a technical?)
Texas Western apparently wins a tourney (Black & White)
Hockey player (no teeth)
Guy faking out Jordan (?)
Chargers player injured
Baseball player on horse?
Hockey goal dance
Fridge on bench?
A horse winning by a LOT
A yankee with "2000" spelled in baseballs
Baskettball Player with afro
Villinova Player celebrating something
Rams player running with ball
Dale Earnhart doing donuts after a win
Mia Hamm? Takes shirt off after US women win World Cup
Baskettlball player
Guy with a hockey stick next to a kids head (Black & White)
Gretzkey celebrating Cup as an Oiler
Gretzkey celebrating
Gretzkey again
Gretzkey (Rangers)
Ali carrying the Olympic torch (Had parkinsons at that pont I think)
Several more shots of Ali

Magic Johnson
A Red Sox and Yankees player (Black & White)
U. Tennesee womens BBall player?
Guy with a black glove on (?)
Brett Farve
Probably a Football commisioner back when they started the NFL and AFL (Black & White)
Guy robs a Home Run

(Music cuts)
College Football, Hail Mary in the endzone (vs Miami)
Gretzkey (breaking all time points record?)
Dodgers player in world series hits game winning home run
"Greatest shot ever" Lattner. Regional finals i think(I am a UK fan so this hurts)
Miracle on Ice US Ametuer olympic teams beats Soviet Team for the Silver
Joe Carter? Celebrating home run
Football coach being carried (after dolphins perfect season?)
Larry Bird spinning towel
Pete Sampras
A calgary Flames player sliding on the ice
Tiger Woods
Guy robs home run
Forget name (not mantle is it?) got 56 home runs obviously (Black & White)
Joe Namath
Wolverines player, immitating the Heisman trophy
Oilers celebrating cup (with Gretzkey?)
Michael Johnson at olympics?
49ers catch I think they beat Dallas like, '89?
Cal Ripken Jr., 2,632 consecutive games played (2131st)
Mario Lemiex (apparently post cancer)
Baseball dont know (Black & White)
Olympic running (Black & White)
Hank Aaron breaks Babe Ruth's Home Run record
Apparently this Bruins player was tripepd or he dove
Browns player fumbles
Old school Bball (Black & White)
Mickey Mantle and another Yankee (Black & White)
Jordans dunk from the free throw line
Babe Ruth with crown and cigar (Black & White)
Muhamad Ali owns some other boxer (famous photograph)


So I'll check back in a while and update the list, please have some updates for me!

From: MR Entered: 10/31/2003 2:32:59 AM
Subject: more...

Okay, naturally right after i posted that I remembered a lot of the names.

The Penn State coach is Joe Paterno
The Swimmer is Mark Spitz, won 7 gold medals in won Olympics
Nolan Ryan is in fact the Strikeout leader, with 5714.
Ruths homerun record was 714 and Aaron would score, what, 765? somethign like that
On the Bruins player "trip" I know that the rule is if you are parrallel to the ground it is a dive.

Anyways Hope that helped SOMEBODY and post any corrections or additional info!

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